PhD Mama work tips

My almost ten-month-old baby has been sick for almost three days. He got flu and sore throat from his big sister, and as a result, is down with fever, reluctant to eat, and basically just want his mommy. I couldn’t go to work in the office because he only wants to nurse, so therefore I have to stay at home.

In the same time, I am currently trying to finish a major chapter, like my main fieldwork. I want to complete it in a week. Yesterday, it was absolutely unproductive, and it is really demoralising when you have an unproductive day. So I tried to track my time as attached below to make sure I am doing something and not gone to the ‘why bother’ mode.


Although not much, turns out it I am actually producing something. From 11 to 16.15, I spent more than 2 hours working or half of the time tracked. And I finished drawing two of four drawings needed. Another hour is spent for picking my twin girls from school and shopping for groceries. The other hour is used mainly to prep lunch (even doing things such as scrubbing bin cap–the perks of working from home) of which takes longer than lunch itself (only 10 minutes).  There are five minutes breaks here and there to snuggle with the baby (but what can I do about it?) Now as the baby is eating his (slightly burnt–just kidding) baked potato I might go back to work 🙂


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